A Change in Providers

One final update for the day – and actually I’m a few days late in notifying anyone of this, because I wanted to make sure it was working out – I’ve dropped my initial carrier of Podomatic in favor of the hosting service SoundCloud.

I was shocked when I hit Podomatic’s 15Gb bandwidth cap… and thought 100 Gb sounded outrageously high, but it was the next step up.  The History of China ended up blowing by that marker in a day and a half – yeah, it’s been a really interesting few days as this has kind of blown up.

Podomatic’s next step up was to 200 Gb… but given that I at that point still hadn’t put out Ep. 3… and there’s looking to be at least 3 more episodes before the bandwidth cap would have reset, it suddenly seemed very uncertain whether any hard limit on bandwidth was a smart choice.

Initially, I was looking into LibSyn – which offers unlimited bandwidth for the same cost as Podomatic’s 200 Gb hard-cap.  Really a no-brainer.  But then I was approached by Soundcloud who both offered me a great deal, and is cheaper than both of the above for unlimited upload and bandwidth!  Really, really a no brainer!

The Upshot

In the words of one of my favorite books/movies, Fight Club: “it’s called a changeover.  The movie goes on and no one in the audience has any idea.”

You should experience no change at all… the Feedburner/iTunes links are all working normally and at the same addresses.  If anything, you won’t be getting the “this podcast has reached its bandwidth cap” messages…. hopefully ever again.  Those were obnoxious, I agree.

So, there you have it.  Let the journey continue.


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