Update: Concerning the Addition of a Button

Hi there, Sinophiles! First off, let me say how pleasantly shocked I am to have logged on to The History of China and found that I have hit my bandwidth limit. I was not expecting to run into this issue… at all… much less after a mere 2 episodes! So color me amazed, and grateful! Thanks to everyone who has found, listen to, and (hopefully) enjoyed the series so far. I’m having a great time making them.

So, on to business – I’ve gone ahead and drastically increased my bandwidth for downloads – you should no longer be getting the error message (and I’d really appreciate anyone to confirm this for me).

This, of course, means that I’ve gone beyond the free allotment provided by my hosting service Podomatic… as such this pet project has incurred some fees. So, here’s my compromise: I’m going to add a button, that’s it. That button will be yellow and say “Donate”. If you should happen to click it, it would take you to a PayPal link where – if the spirit of Huangdi moved you to do so – you could help The History of China defer some of its operational costs.

There is absolutely no push for anyone to do so. The History of China is free, and will stay as such. Please, listen, enjoy, and share. And if you find a dollar, a quarter, a nickel, or a Yuan on the street some day… maybe think about throwing it this way. After all, with any luck – and you continued listenership – I hope that someday my new 100 Gb bandwidth limit will also prove insufficient. Not tomorrow, not next month, but maybe someday.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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