Episode 1: The Mythical Origins of the Middle Kingdom

Hello, and welcome to The History of China!

In episode 1, we begin with an introduction to this podcast, followed by a brief overview of what we’ve come to know about early human migration and settlement in the region that will eventually become China. Finally, we’ll delve into the mythological origin story that purports to tell of the three divine Sovereigns who would create and then rule over the Han people.

I’m very excited to be getting this journey underway! Once again welcome, and thank you for listening.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 1: The Mythical Origins of the Middle Kingdom

  1. Hey there!
    Would really like to listen, but unfortunately, all I’m getting is a message saying that the podcast has gone over its allotted bandwidth.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Wow, really? There does seem to have been a big spike in subscribers… but color me shocked that I’ve hit that cap. Let me look into it and I’ll see what I can do.

      Update: Alright, I’ve gone ahead and increased my bandwidth (hopefully 100Gb is enough for the time being). Please try again and let me know if it works now!

  2. Hi,
    It works great now. Thanks!
    I think the topic is very interesting and unique (although I’m familiar with one similar podcast). As a commenter in iTunes noted, cleaning up the background noise would also be a plus.
    Minor issues aside, I enjoyed the first episode. Moving on to the second. Keep up the good work!

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